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Our Areas of Expertise


Identifying Pathways 

Our Cen
ter for Guided Pathway provides
Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)workplace readiness training, work-based learning, self-advocacy, including paid internships, to a group of students with disabilities.

Workplace Readiness
Purpose: Preparing students for entering the world of work and living independently.
Sample Services: Soft skills training, time management, punctuality, financial literacy, mock interviews, resume building, accessing services/supports.

Purpose: Students learn rights, responsibilities, and how to request accommodations or services/supports needed during transition to post‐secondary education and employment.
Sample Services: Instruction on when/how to disclose disability. Instruction on when/how to request accommodations. Instruction on self-determination.





Community & Technical College

Our hope is to work with students and student affairs professionals at all levels.

We center a UC Berkeley framework for thinking about equity, diversity & inclusion with 20 years of practical strategies for achieving equity in daily service, meetings, residence halls, student activities, and other out-of-class venues.

University & Research Institutions  

We work with universities to ensure that your campus culture is carefully aligned to support your students. How do we create authentic transformations in our university classrooms and campus experiences?


WA State Department of Children, Youth and Families 

DCYF's Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) serves Washington state's highest-risk youth. Youth may be committed to JR custody by any county juvenile court. The juvenile courts follow prescribed sentencing guidelines to determine which youth will be committed to JR. These youth typically have committed many lower-level offenses or have committed a serious crime.


Administration, Executives, Boards of Directors & Trustees

We work to develop an innovative equity lens is for presidents, trustees,  executives and other administrators. We learn how to lead inclusive teams by  demonstrating care for communities of all backgrounds. We look at national practices & leading efforts to ensure racial diversity and equity in hiring and professional development. 

Faculty, Teaching & Learning

We provide dynamic, experiential learning opportunities to empower and engage faculty & staff to become culturally responsive leaders. 

Funding Opportunities for Faculty & Staff  

We help to provide need based assistance to employees with basic nutrition, books, school supplies, housing and job assistance and award need based and merit based scholarships & fellowships.

National Research, Local Innovations 

Our Values


We bring a deep ethic of love for education, learning & community rooted in service to the land, the people & ancestors. 


We demonstrate respect and trustworthiness in all of our actions. We humbly lead with love and respectfully hold ourselves true to one another.


We proactively seek to create an equitable and inclusive environment. We highly value and appreciate our differences and create an environment grounded in the

principles of fairness where all staff can thrive.


We believe in evidence informed decisions and feedback. We build organizational capacity, sustainability, and long term impact through culturally innovative methods.

Our Movement Building

We propose solutions to the root causes of social problems. We encourage people to exercise their collective power. We humanize groups that have been denied basic human rights and improve conditions for the groups affected.

UW Seattle 1998-2023

UW Leaders (UWL) is a peer mentorship and leadership development program within the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW). UWL offers leadership-building opportunities for first, second, and transfer third-year students. Whether students have been involved in past leadership or are looking to get started, UWL gives students the tools and support necessary to become the leader they want to be.


We believe that leaders are made, not born, so every student has the potential to be a change-maker in their community. Applications for the 2022-2023 UWL Leader positions are now live! Leaders are mentees who serve a crucial role in UWL. As a mentee you will get the chance to develop relationships with your mentors and build leadership skills of through weekly workshops on a variety of topics.

We create structural change by building something larger than a particular organization or campaign. We promote visions and values for society based on fairness, justice, and democracy.


Center for Guided  Pathways—the Northwest, education leader in championing evidence-based institutional improvement, leads strategic, sustainable commitment that improves access, student success & employee diversity. 

Why guided pathways?

Opportunities increase and achievement gaps close. Communities connect and real progress happens as relationships are built. Goals are achieved and real peoples lives are changed. Our diverse regions win because our neighborhoods flourish in meaningful ways.


Redefining Success 

Student success means so much more than a personal goal secured – It means improved skills, better employability, and economic growth for families, communities and our nation as a whole.

Indigenizing Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways was conceived in 2005 and has been lead predominately from a Western/ White educational philosophy while student and employee of color populations continue to grow.

Transforming DEI Across The State  

2005, Professor Michael Tuncap co lead the first Ethnic Studies workshops and Pacific Islander caucus at the WA State Students of Color Conference. 


2010, Professor Tuncap began a multi year project to implement Guided Pathways into the  TRIO Upward Bound classic and Math Science programs for Tacoma Public Schools.

Instruction & Culturally Responsive Teaching

2012, Professor Tuncap began a multi year project to implment Ethnic Studies & DEI across the disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences at various institutions including: SPSCC, NW Indian College, Highline, TCC, Shoreline, UW Tacoma & The Evergreen State College.

Transforming Student Affairs 

2013, Professor Tuncap co leads the development of DEHPD Diversity Equity in Hiring & Professional Development and the WA State Faculty & Staff of Color Conference Committee

2020-23, Professor Tuncap co lead the development of DEHPD state wide campaign & network DEI WA CTCS: Black Support & Solidarity, Undocumented, Constellations & Instruction, Policy, Research and Planning, Tenure Process Review 


2020, co leads the Northwest Regional Equity Conference for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Northern California. NWREC aims to improve equitable, sustainable experiences and outcomes for systemically marginalized and underrepresented populations through inclusive and anti-racist strategies.

Why We Do What We Do

Nearly 50% of all students seeking higher education choose a community college & less than. Fewer than half of those students actually finish what they start. Many are also low income, first generation and people of color. 

The Gateway

Community colleges remain the nation’s gateways to good jobs for millions of students who dream of a better tomorrow. What can we do to ensure they have pathways to achieve their goals? We work together to ensure that your organizational culture is carefully aligned to support your business strategy.

The Moment

For the first time in our history, the current generation of college-aged Americans will be less educated than their parents’ generation.

The Dilemma 

As the costs of living increases, those without an education remain in difficult situations. Will our students be able to compete in a national landscape that more than ever before demands

high-level job skills. 

Our Evolution & History

Since 2010, our Network has served  over 120 institutions of higher education, with 50 coaches and advisors, and numerous investors and partners working throughout 12 states, Guam, American Samoa and the District of Columbia we are helping more than 50,000 community college students have a better chance of realizing greater economic opportunity and guiding their pathways.

Campus Wide Strategic Planning

Identify and leverage fiscal opportunities for racial equity also will be emphasized. We can share public policy approaches to address racial problems that persistently undermine predominantly white institutions.

Faculty & Staff of Color Conference

The Washington Faculty and Staff of Color Conference (FSOCC) recognizes the importance and strength of diversity within higher education. FSOCC was established in 1996 to move diversity beyond a value and into the development and retention of people of color within higher education.

Mission: Create opportunities for professional and career development through increasing awareness and visibility of policies, process, and strategies to enhance the institutional climate, access, and educational quality of higher education in Washington.

Since 2012, our experts have served  over 3200 faculty and staff of color, with  professional development workshops, mentoring and coaching.

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